7 best solar powered gadgets in 2021

By | June 10, 2021

“Solar-powered gadgets”

Solar-powered gadgets are useful gadgets whenever we need electricity to charge and use different stuff. From these gadgets, we can use natural sunlight energy into electricity for home uses.

In this era of the energy crisis, solar-powered gadgets are the necessary equipment. They must be used by every housekeeper, traveler, and also by students.

The time to charge our smartphones but there is not the only device that we can charge but we can use solar-powered gadgets for many purposes. Today we are going to show you some of these amazing solar-powered gadgets that can be used by anyone easily.


1 ) Solar Smart Lock (ArrayLock)

Solar-powered gadgets are now useful for home security. Solar Smart Lock by ArrayLock is one of the useful gadgets which will allow you to lock doors automatically with the help of solar energy. This smart lock is manufactured by Array company which has a rechargeable battery for locking.


  • Array app to manage and configure your locking
  • Easily connected with Wi-Fi no hub needed
  • It is compatible with android and iPhone
  • It has some useful codes and cookies which are E-Codes and E-keys
  • Solar panel integration two rechargeable batteries
  • It has a geofencing option that will notify you of our smartphone whenever your door unlocked by someone
  • It has also worked with many other companies such as Amazon Alexa, amazon echo Plus, and echo, etc.

Solar Smart Lock

2 ) A-Sun Stove

A Sun Stove is another amazing gadget that is solar-powered and useful for cooking anywhere. This amazing technology is powered by GoSun.

This Smart Gadget can boil water, cook delicious meals, and useful for many other purposes. With the help of parabolic reflectors, it converts sunlight and surrounding heat into electricity. It is a portable kitchen with 900 grams of weight and a super portable solar stove.

A-Sun Stove

3) Logitech Solar Wireless Keyboard

Logitech company introduces a smart solar wireless keyboard that can save electricity by working on solar energy.

This amazing and smart keyboard has its power to use sunlight into electricity and store it into batteries. This gadget is useful for those people who want to use a keyboard at different places without the need for electricity.



It is smart portable and comfortable to use for laptops and computers. You can also use a smart keyboard for your smartphone.

It has a long-term battery life of years.

It has 12 f-keys which are completely Programmable used for many purposes

4) Solar-powered reading lamp

The energy crisis is one of the biggest problems in different countries. For this reason, SunnyTech Solar company built a smart solar-powered reading lamp that can work amazingly at any time.

This amazing solar-powered gadget is a gift for or books readers, workers, and useful for many other purposes such as charging smartphones, etc.


  1. The long term battery life of 50000 hours
  2. Solar power charging
  3. Eco-friendly energy
  4. Smartphone charging feature
  5. Pest control indication
  6. Adjustable brightness
  7. Full charge indication
  8. Solar-powered reading lamp

5) SolarGaps Window Blinds

SolarGaps Window Blinds is an amazing solar power gadget which not only Stores electricity bills but also provides electricity for home gadgets like smartphone and lights.

SolarGaps Window Blinds has the capability of generating 150 words of power. It has amazing features as it is eco-friendly, control, and managed by mobile apps.


  • It can save electricity bills up to 30% and keep heating away from your homes.
  • For every one square meter of the window, it can generate 100 watts of energy
  • It is an eco-friendly Knology to produce electricity without burning fuel and creating air pollution
  • It has a smart application that is compatible with iOS 11 and above and Android 4.4 KitKat
  • It automatically adjusts itself to the sunlight
  • It can prevent 0.10 kg of carbon emission

6) Solar phone charger

Creative Edge Solar Phone Charger is one of the amazing gadgets and solar-powered tools to charge your smartphones easily. In 6 hours of single charge can store 5000 mah power that can be used for many purposes.

It has built-in USB port charging especially for smartphones. You can keep this amazing gadget anywhere whenever you need to charge your device.

7) garden space Robot

Garden space Robot is one of the friendly devices which can make your dreams into the reality of making a smart garden for you. This amazing gadget has 360-degree view motion-sensing Technology to keep plants and vegetables full of water and whenever they need it. By simply connected with wi-Fi smartphones you can control the device with the help of solar energy.

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