Cheater’ vs challenger goes viral

Two weeks ago, a chess match between amateur and International Master (IM) Irene Sukandar broadcast from Indonesia on YouTube was watched simultaneously by 1.25 million people.

Two weeks ago, a chess match between amateur and International Master (IM) Irene Sukandar broadcast from Indonesia on YouTube was watched simultaneously by 1.25 million people.

To make history with the live broadcast of the game, the numbers were posted on Twitter by the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

Cheater’ vs challenger goes viral
Cheater’ vs challenger goes viral

An unprecedented interest was in the viewer’s willingness to see if the famous fast bowler Dadang Subur was as good at off-board games as he was in online chess, where cheating using chess engines on the sly is common. Subur lost 0-3 to end one of the worst arguments in the match.

It all started when Subur was accused of cheating on a well-known chess streamer, International Master Levy Rozman. Subdur, apart from the level of competition, had been emotional with IM Rozman while playing online on March 2. Rozman, manager of the popular GothamChess channel with 787K subscribers on YouTube, had raised a red flag during the match.

Rozman reported Dewa Kipas, Subur’s online account at Dewa Kipas was blacklisted for violating’s Fair Play Policy. The backlash was powerful. Rozman began receiving death threats and hate messages on social media after Subur’s son’s Facebook account, defending his father, spread.

After Sudur’s defeat at Sukandar on March 22, the tone of the messages to Rozman has changed from hateful to supportive.

“By the end of the game, 90-95 percent of the attackers had become optimistic. I’ve got a lot of support on YouTube now. People are trying to do it for me by helping me find 1 million subscribers. Many Indians contacted me and Lucy (a girlfriend) and supported us, ”Rozman told The Sunday Express.

The 25-year-old Brooklyn boy had to choose ‘private mode’ on social media, turn off a lot of notifications and post his Instagram comments. When the netizens, a large number from Indonesia, launched his attack he did not make a YouTube video for four to five days.

What makes Rozman blame Subur is the high ratings but no titles. “Even before I moved, all my warnings were gone. This account was only one month old, had won about 75-80 percent games, had 1,100 blitz and scored 900 points in two weeks! ”Subur was taking 10 seconds to travel a lot, even openly, indicating that he was waiting for speed from the chess engine. Dust has settled and Rozman sees the silver line in this controversial episode.

Making money

“People were making money. Irene Sukandar received about $ 14,000. Subur, even if one can argue that it is unworthy or unworthy, has received $ 7,000. Debby Corbuzier (the actor who organized the show) received about 15 million views. Chess products are apparently on sale in Indonesia at the moment, ”said Rozman.

He was shocked by the death threats and hate speech that followed when banned Dewa Kipas. Trauma is classified; he also feared for the near future of GothamChess.

“Hating hate is part of the growing personality of the internet. The problem was mostly with finding a way to get the truth out, while not getting permanent damage to my product. I published 45 videos in February 2021 alone and I watched it split and split, which was a little annoying. Some of the people who wrote hate messages had public Instagram profiles. They were husbands, fathers, religious men, writing that they would kill me or Lucy. (It was strange, ”said Rozman.

Influential terms in the chess world have analyzed Subur’s loss to Sukandar which has helped to change attitudes. Grandmother Hikaru Nakamura, a respected voice, concluded that Subur had been arrested, though he was not the first.
“It is very clear that we know what happened during the Levy game. There was something wrong with the game… You don’t go from playing that game against Levy until you play like this… I think made the right decision. You can see the flaws in the game (playing with Irene), there were no such mistakes while playing online compared to her board games, ”Nakamura said in an online video.


BCCI will not move games out of Mumbai


BCCI will not move games out of Mumbai
BCCI will not move games out of Mumbai


The IPL matches in Mumbai will not be canceled despite the city reporting more than 9,000 cases in Covid-19 on Saturday, a BCCI chief executive said, citing a lack of time.

The BCCI has found itself in the second wave of the epidemic as a Mumbai-based player, seven Indian cricket board office staff and 10 underground staff at Wankhede Stadium tested with Covid-19.

Delhi Capitals Axar Patel who is a traveling player is a Covid-19. Staff supporting CSK also tested whether they had any pre-test tests, according to the report.

The BCCI chief executive confirmed to The Sunday Express that it was too late to deliver the 10 games, the first of which was scheduled for April 10 at Wankhede Stadium. “We can’t deliver games now. If we move the match somewhere, first, the whole bio-bubble should be done. Also, groups have to move from one city to another. We have no time and it is dangerous to health. So these games will be played in Mumbai. Everything is being done to make sure everyone is safe, ”a BCCI chief executive told The Sunday Express.

 The Axar Patel test was obtained from COVID-19

The BCCI has temporarily relocated their office to a hotel in Mumbai and appointed bubble bubble managers, the first in the IPL, to ensure compliance. To ensure that stadium and outdoor stadium preparations continue in Wankhede, the venue for the second game of the season between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals on April 10, more staff will be called in. The first IPL Wankhede practice session will be on April 7.

Workers at the Wankhede Stadium had to enter the bio-bubble on Sunday and were on their way home from the stadium a few months ago.

 Wankhede employees, 6 event managers were found to have COVID-19

“Seven BCCI office staff were traveling from home to the cricket board office. All were invisible. They found themselves isolated. The board office will resume next week and as a precautionary measure for IPL staff and BCCI staff working at a five-star hotel, ”the source said. It is learned that each team will be assigned four guards, who will be on duty as Managers of Bubble Integrity. They will be part of the appropriate team bubble and will accompany the teams throughout the IPL 2021. They will report any violations of protected biological laws to the Chief Medical Officer of BCCI.

Everyone traveling around Patel had entered a party hotel in Mumbai on March 28, with a negative report. “His report on the second COVID test was successful. She currently lives alone in a designated medical care facility. The Delhi Capitals medical team is in constant contact with Axar and ensures its safety and well-being, ”Delhi Capitals said in a statement.

7-day separation from Axar contacts

All those who came in contact with Axar would have to be monitored for seven days in isolation, a BCCI official said. This means that if any of the Delhi Capitals players or support staff meet Axar when he arrives in Mumbai, they will have to follow the rules and not miss the opening of the game on April 10 in seven days from today. A BCCI official confirmed that tracking would be followed.

“We have asked Axar that whoever he meets if there is a player or a supportive person he meets will have to isolate themselves and follow proper treatment procedures,” the BCCI official said.

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