Hollywood Rewind Limited family fun for noughties

Hollywood Rewind

Family movies with the specific purpose of entertaining children were a rare genre back in the days. Now it seems we have it in abundance, but in the 90s and early noughties, it was illegal. However, things changed with Robert Rodriguez’s 2001 Spy Kids film 2001. The movie was a …

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Kapil Sharma’s 40 birthday

Kapil Sharma's 40 birthday

Comedian Kapil Sharma celebrates his 40th birthday today. The actor has had a long journey from the low history of Amritsar in achieving a life that many can not even dream of. Kapil is currently on maternity leave and is expected to return for the new season of The Kapil …

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mother’s death anniversary of arjun kapoor

Arjun did a heartbreaking post on his mother's death anniversary, said - please come back

  Arjun Kapoor also looked at the feelings of remembering his mother (Arjun Kapoor posted a note on the mother’s cries). He wrote these things on the day he commemorated the day of his death, when everyone would feel after reading them. Arjun kapoor post a sad note for mother …

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