Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) review

By | June 9, 2021

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini is one of the smartest, faster mini speakers. To give google spends the best device with better sound quality delivery and processing recently, Google announced the second generation of Google mini speaker. Google mini speaker was released on October 22, 2019, until now it is one of the best mini speakers ever.

  • Along with the amazing device, Google has also other devices such as Google Home and Google Home Max.
  • Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) looks like its predecessor but with new changes in features design and improvements.
  • With amazing and fine quality it is available at affordable prices at still-$49 (£49, AU$79).
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Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) design and improvements take from google Home Mini but it is far more different. Its size is 3.8 inches in diameter while it is 1.6 inches tall.


It is now available with 4 kinds of unique colors that can make Google Nest Mini speaker to the next level.

Here are four unique colors:

  1. Aqua For or a darker
  2. The gray-blue shade  or sky color
  3. The coral, charcoal color
  4. Chalk colors

Like a previous home Mini speaker, it has a fabric design with an amazing smooth rounded shape. Now you can easily mount it on the wall using the small cut-out on the back of the device.


With a huge difference of power pack. Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) is now working with a DC power jacket inside instead of working on a micro USB port. It has a 15-watt power adaptor and also with a micro USB connection formally.

Fabric design

Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) of surface made of 100% recycled plastic which called a fine and smooth fabric. With only 173 grams of weight, it is one quality of the speaker by Google.

Ports and Bluetooth support

USB type C is also given the device one of the essential parts to be used. We can frequently move ports from the device in and out within seconds.

Unfortunately, e new mini speaker from Google has no external speaker connection so that’s why we can use Bluetooth support.

You can easily e find out the placements by touching the embedded LED. It can also be used to make the volume up and down. There are also some touch buttons at the sight of the device too frequently on or off the microphone at any time.


Well everyone wants the mini speaker from Google because of 360 degrees sound. The team from Google spends hours developing and testing to make a fine product with amazing audio tuning quality.

To make the sound more clear with your own choice Google also make an update to audio tuning software available with google Nest Mini 2nd generation.

Google Nest Mini 2nd generation features

Enhance the voice feature

Google’s nest Mini second generation comes with the amazing support of 6 people voice match Technology. With amazing delivery of personalized information, 6 peoples in a home can talk to 2 mini speakers at once.

Brand new feature (washing your hands)

Mini speaker is also a friendly device for you because in this pandemic situation it will encourage you to wash your hands properly.

No other devices are such e friendly and clever to teach and encourage you to do something good.

Find something for you

Every device and get it from Google’s are making life easier. Google’s Nest Mini e is also one of the devices which will help you to find out something if you are using a tile Bluetooth Tracker.

With the help of the speaker, you can find out the exact and the last known location of the object such as keys. By simply saying “Hey Google, where are my keys?

Better adjustments

Most of the users from Google mini speaker find out the difficulty where are the controls on the Google Home Mini. To solve this problem google introduces ultrasound sensing enabled LEDs which will tell you to find out the volume adjustment points and other controls.

Amazing processing powers and learning commands

  • Second generation Google nest mini speaker has TeraOPS of processing power and amazing learning abilities to do different stuff.
  • Now you can easily find out your items at home, switch off light from the kitchen bathroom and anywhere else, playing songs for you with the help of the commands that you teach to the mini speaker.
  • Google also makes improvements to Google’s next mini speaker with the help of Ambient computing technology.
  • With less talk and giving commands to the speaker, you can do and perform any action easily.

Clever IQ

One of the best and amazing feature and update to Google e nest mini speaker is that it has an amazing IQ.

While listening to any news and broadcast from your favorite radio station it will automatically adjust the background noise for you.

Now you can enjoy your news and broadcast without any noise problem.

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