Revised Covid-19 guidelines in place, curfew from 6 pm to 5 am across Rajasthan


The Rajasthan government shifted curfew orders across the state from 6 pm to 5 am on Wednesday, officials said on Wednesday.

Last week, night curfews were announced in urban areas of ten districts from 8 am to 6 am and in Udaipur from 6 pm to 6 am. A statewide curfew is in force from 6 pm today. At 5 in the evening. Accordingly, all workplaces, markets and established businesses – free bar sections such as IT companies, chemists, bus / train stations will be closed at 5 pm. .

The number of people present at weddings has been reduced from 100 to 50, while only 20 people will be allowed to attend the funeral. Also, the number of people involved in events such as social, political and entertainment was earlier 100, and now all such meetings have been banned.


The decision was taken after a government review meeting chaired by Prime Minister Ashok Kehlo with representatives of political parties, religious leaders and NGOs as well as government officials from across the state.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister said that the government would “explain to the people and fulfill our responsibility more strictly. This requires the support of all organizations, religious-social organizations, VIPs and the general public.” he said. With 6,000 positive cases per day in the state and over 161 deaths in April, it has been clarified that the epidemic cycle is biological (terrible). ”

On Wednesday, 6,200 new cases were reported in Rajasthan, with a total of 44,905 active cases. There have been 29 deaths in the state, with the death toll being 3,008.

During the first wave, people began to follow adequate hygiene guidelines, “said Kehlot,” which protected us from infection. But now that the infection is spreading rapidly, it is very dangerous and affects them as well. Young people, people have stopped following the protocol of the government, which is a matter of great concern. ”

In other cases, when the restaurant has 50 percent customer capacity, they avoid overcrowding and only apply for home delivery by 8 pm. Furthermore, although classes 1-9 were previously closed in government and private schools on the city limits, it would extend to bars and medicals of all educational institutions and libraries across the state, as well as nursing colleges. On buses and three-wheelers, the allowable capacity is now 50 percent.

RPSE board examinations postponed

Amid increasing government issues, the state government on Wednesday postponed the Class 10 and Class 12 examinations under the Ajmer Board of Secondary Education. In addition, 8th, 9th and 11th grade students will be offered promotions. Earlier, promotions for students in classes 1-7 were announced. The decision was taken after a meeting between Prime Minister Ashok Kehlot and Education Minister Gobind Singh Totasara.


Boris Johnson reduces length of India visit due to COVID-19

Downing Street said on Wednesday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had cut the length of his visit to New Delhi by the end of this month due to the COVID-19 situation in India.

Johnson will spend several days in India as part of a planned visit from 26 April, which is expected to cover the decision of the UK-India Advanced Trade Partnership.

However, after the epidemic worsened in India, the itinerary needed to be restructured and an important part of high-level bilateral relations, including bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, being confined to New Delhi on 26 April.

Boris Johnson reduces length of India visit due to COVID-19

“We are in touch with the Government of India regarding the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister in light of the Government’s position in India. As a result of these discussions, the Prime Minister has decided to reduce the length of the visit as it will be at this location.” ” A small incident in New Delhi later this month, ”said the Prime Minister’s spokesperson at 10 Downing Street.

The official said that the objective of this project is to have high-level consultations with the Government of India and business leaders in India.

“We will establish more details in due time, but the visit will include a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Modi.

The spokesperson said, “Like all visits of the Prime Minister, his visit to India will also be a priority for the safety of those involved.”

The 56-year-old British Prime Minister’s Government. In April, Johnson spent three nights in intensive care at a hospital in London before being released.

Downing Street India recorded the highest single-day increase in CO84-19 cases in a day with 1,84,372 new infections.

On Wednesday, 1,84,372 coronavirus infections and 1,027 deaths a day brought the number of cases in India to 1,38,73,825 and deaths to 1,72,085.

Speaking at the Virtual International Conference on Disaster Infrastructure (ICTRI) inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi last month, Johnson said the UK and India’s shared vision for a sustainable future was one of the issues on the agenda. For a conversation about his upcoming trip. .

“We have a shared vision for a sustainable future for our countries and the global community, and I look forward to discussing this and many other issues with Prime Minister Modi during his forthcoming visit to India,” he said.

The trip’s announcement, which was postponed from the Republic Day trip scheduled in January due to the worsening COVID-19 crisis in the UK, revealed the results of its integrated defense, security, development and policy review. External – A view of Brexit policy within Britain’s broader global agenda.

The central shift in foreign policy included in the analysis is a certain bias that the Indo-Pacific region is the “geopolitical center of the world”.

In a House of Commons statement on 16 March, he said that I am happy to announce that I will come to India in a month to strengthen my friendship with the world’s largest democracy.

The British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis recently said that the visit would mark a new type of relationship in trade and investment and would be a very important sign of people and exchanges between India and the UK.

The Ambassador, who presided over the conclusion of the Prime Minister’s visit agenda, outlined several pillars focusing on engagement between the two sides, covering areas such as safety and security and climate action and health care. Kovid 19K Vaccines.

“This is the Prime Minister’s first visit to any country outside the UK, and he says a lot about the importance of relations with India,” Ellis said last month at a seminar in London by the International Institute for International Studies. IISS).

“She is very excited to be coming. It was going to come in January, but the government’s position in Britain paid for it, but it is strengthening and we hope that it will be the most important sign of a new kind of relationship, “he said.

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