Top 5 PUBG Gadgets for Mobile

By | June 9, 2021

About the Article

                      In this article, we are going to talk about the world-famous mobile game PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds). This is amongst the worldwide most famous mobile games. You can also play it on PC. According to an estimate, it has more than 50 Million active users per day but here in this article like always, we are only going to show you some tech gadgets. These gadgets can also be helpful for other games but we are specially mentioning them for PUBG users.

These gadgets will really help you in improving your gameplay and you are just going to fall in love with them. We will mention 5 best tech gadgets for PUBG mobile according to our research.


(If you want to become a professional PUBG player or you want to participate in competitions then better leave these gadgets and practice without them because you are not allowed to connect any gadget with mobile while playing in any competition.)

So now without any further discussion, we will move to our first gadget..

  1. Flydigi Stinger Game Trigger;

                                                         This is the trigger that can be connected to your device and it will give you an edge over other players because of your extremely quick speed. This can work on any device up to 9 mm thickness and 82 mm width. You will see a big difference in results after connecting it with your device.

There is a general harmful effect of this gadget but in some cases, if your screen is extremely sensitive and your playtime is also more than 4 hours then it may damage your screen. But the no of complaints has been very minimum so in my opinion, you can try it.


  1. Wasp 2 Gamepad;

                               So the 2nd gadget we are going to tell you is Wasp 2 gamepad. This gadget is really a blessing for gamers. This is basically a controller and your device is fitted in this controller and then you can play your favorite game. As far as PUBG is concerned it is really helpful because of its special design. It has reduced the problem of managing so many buttons up to a great extent. It increases your reaction time and faster movements. The most special thing is it’s one-handed.

After all, I just want to say that try it and you are going to fall in love with it.

Wasp 2 Gamepad

  1. IPega PG 9099 Controller;

                                           So now we are going to talk about the 3rd awesome gadget and its name is IPega PG 9099 Controller. Yes, another gadget and another controller. These gadgets have just revolutionized the gaming community and these have just made the competition much easier if you are having them so let’s what IPega PG 9099 controller can do for you?      Its support turbo function makes you play much faster and stronger. You can have great results by using it but I’ll suggest you stay away from it because it requires a third-party connection and it is against their rules so your account could also be banned because of this. You can use it for other games and you will be much more compatible with its awesome function (My opinion was only for PUBG mobile users).

IPega PG 9099 Controller

Let’s see our 4th awesome gadget…

  1. FlyDigi Q1 Dongle;

                                 This is a very compatible gadget for PUBG mobile. So basically this is a keyboard mouse adopter which has a lot of advantages to improve your gameplay for PUBG mobile. If we talk about its structure its lightweight and small size and wireless with Bluetooth connection and its adjustable and durable gamepad. It gives you easier and faster movement especially when you want to change the direction. It supports a 7 button mouse and wireless keyboard which will take your gameplay to the next levels so I’ll suggest you to try this one if you are looking for some gadget.

FlyDigi Q1 Dongle

  1. Realme 10,000 mAh power bank;

                                                       So the last but not the least gadget we are going to discuss is a power bank. It’s really necessary because the gaming addicts keep on playing their favorite games hours and hours per day like me so they definitely need a power bank because no phone can last up to all day or all night. This power bank has a 1-year warranty and it can charge a 4000mah battery up to 2 times. It has dual input Type c and A. Two-way 18w fast Charging ability and high capacity lipo battery and the most important 12 layers of security. I’ll suggest you have it you are really going to enjoy these tech gadgets.

Realme 10,000 mAh power bank

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