Top 7 best free file rename Application for Mac Operating System

By | June 8, 2021

About the Article;

Reading files and folders special photos and videos is not much hard work and difficult to arrange but if we need to arrange and rename files and multiple folders at once will be difficult for you.

Most of the programmer’s photographers and professional computer users use different applications to rename files and folders.

If you are not using any kind of renaming application then you should rename all of your files and folders manually. It will take lots of time to rename thousands of folders and files but if you get an application then you can rename any number of files such as pictures and videos within some seconds.

Today we are going to explore some of the best file rename applications for the Mac Operating System.

This amazing application actually has the ability to rename multiple files at once so you can rename all of these with your choice and name.

Best file renaming application for Mac

  1. Renamer

Renamer 6 is one of the first fastest and easiest to use rename applications that is available in a couple of Amazing features.

This is an amazing application that has the ability to arrange and manage all file libraries with their categories. Most photographers use an image library to manage all images in one place. Renamer 6 comes with that feature which will allow you to rename all images with your rename.

Features of Renamer 6

  • Easy and convenient to use to rename all files at once
  • Built-in amazing features like Renamerlets
  • It has one of the unique features like assembling change which has the ability to handle all the file renaming Complex task
  • With this amazing application, you can get a live preview of your all file renaming and also find an error.
  • Backup features, remove file extensions, replacing and finding text, add date and time many other features
  1. Name Munger

Name Munger is one of the simplest and user-friendly Applications which are easy to use with amazing tiny features available on it. Name Munger is famous because of turns off amazing features that are relatively unique in this application.


Name Munger

Features of Name Munger

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Add to the beginning, add to the end filename series
  • Text replacing, removing, and adding
  • You can set and strip any of the characters for file names
  • Space adjustment
  • Upper and lowercase renaming
  • Before-after and many other
  • Nested features for renaming

Preview before change

  1. NameChanger

NameChanger is one of the incredible applications designed for the solar purposes to rename multiple files with the Dragon drop functionality.

This amazing application will make your life easy because it has the ability to rename multiple files with your choice. Most of the OS X 10.7 users use this amazing application because it is developed by MMR application developers.

Here are some of the Unique ok and Incredible features of NameChanger

  • It can replace any of the text from the first last and all occurrences in different files especially in images and videos.
  • Although most of the applications have the ability to change case NameChanger it also has a change case feature in a different way to remove any of the text sequences and change with regular expressions.
  1. F2Utility

F2Utility is one of the lightweight applications specially designed for Mac Operating System users. This amazing application is widely using because it will give you complete details of images, files, folders, and videos.

With tons of Amazing features, F2Utility has the ability to use suffix and prefix and many other features to replace text, use uppercase and lowercase features, and many others.

  1. Transnomino

Transnomino is one of the useful utility applications and used as a file rename and replacer.Transnomino comes with some of the unique features to rename any of the files with your selecting date and the info available on each file property.


  • Wildcard support
  • Regular expression finding and replacing
  • Uppercase and lowercase text replacing
  • It will rename files name compatible with your Windows
  • Prefix and suffix text changing
  • Specific value renaming
  • Transnomino
  1. Inviska Rename

Inviska Rename is one of the amazing application which is currently available in cross-platform abilities.

It can be easily used in all operating system devices such as Mac Linux and Windows. Compare to any other application to rename file names it is one of the fastest and quick to use applications.

Along with rename any of the filename you can change the date of creation, file extensions and also take them with tagging features such as mP3, FLAC ee, and many other tigers.


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